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Posted by GUILBERT RAJ P Sunday, January 10, 2010

Horse gram is sharp, bitter and hot. It is beneficial in cough breathing problem due to phlegms, flatulation, hicups, stones and fever. It also eliminates germs and worms. It causes impurities of bile and blood. It also causes inflammation and checks sweating.

1. Drinking semi liquid solution of horse gram powder cures flatulation.

2. If horse beans mixed with powdered dry ginger, asafoetida and "veed salt" is taken it cures the pain of the stomach.

3. If it is used in food it cures disease of the stomach.

4. If the water in which horse gram had been soaked for the whole night (and is mashed in the same water in the morning) is taken daily, taken twice then it cures "stones".

5. The use of horse gram in the diet relieves the pain of dry piles.

6. Drinking the semi liquid mixture of powdered horse gram and powdered black pepper cures sore throat.

7. Its use in the diet is good for women as their menstruation is purified.

It is harmful for pregnant woman, or a person suffering from plethora or tuberculosis. It also causes the formation of excessive bile.


  1. Kapil Says:
  2. Suffering from kidney or gall stones? Kulthi or horse gram is the best natural remedy if kidney or gall stones are detected in the early stages, and are not big enough to warrant surgical intervention. Macrotyloma uniflorum, as Kulthi is technically called, is a wonder legume that can cure a number of health problems.
    Macrotyloma is used in tribal systems of medicine the world over, while in India practitioners of Unani and Ayurveda often prescribe it for health problems like cough, breathing trouble, ulcers and gas in the stomach, worm infection and excessive sweating. It is also recognised as a natural health tonic for general well being. Some herbalists consider Kulthi a good food that controls arthritis.
    Pregnant women and those suffering from tuberculosis should be cautious about using this . Macrotyloma may cause severe health complications in pregnant women and tuberculosis patients. So avoid this even as a food legume.
    Since Kulthi is a common legume used in kitchen preparations, it can be obtained from any grocery store. Ready-made herbal formulations based on Kulthi are also available in herbal stores.
    Note: Those allergic to certain herbs should avoid them.
    Disclaimer: Consult a qualified professional before using herbal formulations at home
    * The regular intake of Kulthi as a food (Ulvala charu, as it is called in Andhra Pradesh) clears the digestive tract of worm infections including tape worms. It reduces flatulence and acidity and keeps the digestive system in good condition.
    * Take a little quantity of horse gram, boil it in a glass of water, allow it to cool and filter it. Mix it in a grinder with pure drinking water to make a semi-solid liquid. Add a pinch of pepper and drink the preparation for relief from cold, cough or sore throat.
    * Those suffering from stomach aches may try a combination of a little finely ground horse gram, dried ginger and asafoetida. You may prepare the mixture fresh or prepare it in a large quantity for future use.
    * If you are weight conscious, include horse gram in your regular diet. Herbal doctors point out that eating horse gram daily will help reduce obesity.
    * Naturopaths recommend that patients of kidney or gall stones may soak a little quantity of horse gram in a glass of pure drinking water for about 10 hours. The infusion can be taken twice a day. Others suggest that the seeds thus soaked in water be mashed and consumed twice daily.

  3. Kapil Says:
  4. Clean, wash and soak the kulthi in enough water and soak overnight or for 8 hours.
    Drain the kulthi and cook in a pressure cooker in 4 cups of water with a half a tsp of salt, crushed ginger, garlic and onions up to 3 whistles; switch off stove.
    After pressure is down, open the lid, check if kulthi is cooked.
    Add chopped yellow cucumber, cover cooker and cook up to one whistle.
    Switch off flame.
    Open lid when cool and adjust the salt and add the tamarind pulp and stir to mix; boil well on medium flame.
    Add 1/4 cup of water if dal is thick.
    For the tempering, heat the oil in a small pan and add the mustard seeds.
    When mustard seeds crackle, add the red chillies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chilli powder and turmeric powder, asafoetida and curry leaves and saute for 30 seconds.
    Pour this tempering over the prepared dal and mix well.
    Garnish with chopped green coriander.
    Serve piping hot with steamed rice, papad and pickle.
    Click here for more horse gram recipes | lentils recipes

  5. rksharma1091 Says:
  6. citrus fruits plus kulthi preparations works for stones

  7. plz advise if the kulthi dal soaked ovenight has to be cooked before mashing or mashed raw before consuming it for treatment of gallstones.would appreciate a quick reply.also if quantity per serving is specified it would really help.thanks

  8. do the frequent consuming of horse gram leads impotent or male infertility?

  9. The study of the lethal points or marman marma is of special importance. Ayurvedic doctors regard physical and mental existence together with personality.Ashwagandha

  10. if taken too much what will be happen?Anybody know?

  11. please check the properties, u have written that it causes impurities of blood and bile and causes inflammation. I believe u meant exactly the opposite!

  12. mu Mother has been detected uretral stone (below kidney) of 9 mm . will kulthi help in letting the ston pass away in urine

  13. Unknown Says:
  14. Should I do if it is more than one cm long or its too late

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  16. Can I have horse gram alone for dinner

  17. Pakhi Jain Says:
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  19. Grean Herbz Says:
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  21. Mahboob Ali Says:
  22. am a homeo. hv herd abt kulthi 2 das bk wil try & inmt rslt sm tm aftr.usfl sugst frm me.fr incrsd cholestrol if white lobia dal is taken in b/f daily for awk cholest wil be redcd.hav usd shrt wrds hp it wl be undrst/

  23. i have 4mm stone in left kidney . it is dangerous or not. will kulthi be useful in these

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  33. Unknown Says:
  34. I had 2 stone in my kidney. 6mm in left and 7mm in right kindey.
    I searched lots of pages for curing of it. The most recommended thing as mentioned in all of the pages is the consumption of Kulthi Daal.
    I finally started taking it daily twice in morning and evening. Also I drunk almost 6+ liter water per day. I did it for almost 3 months.
    I aslo regularly monitoring on the size of the stone by taking ultrasound checkup.
    And With every test, the size of the stone were reduce and finally in my last test, there were no stones found.
    Also I didn't feel pain any time, I was just felt once of passing it during the urine. Obviously it creates a little wound on my private part and I found trouble to do toilet for next 2 or 3 times. But still it had passed without any pain.
    So I strongly recommended Kulthi Daal and drink lots of water (not chilled), even I say little warm specially in morning.
    The use of Kulthi as I had taken
    Take 50 Gram of Kulthi (half cup)
    After cleaning n washing boiled at low level beam (fire) for almost 1 hour.
    Now drain the remaining water and drink it when it becomes little warm.
    I assure in almost 3 months, It will vanished completely without any pain.
    Go for it

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